Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

Most people initially think of a dog or cat when deciding on a pet to love, cherish, and care for. Although these are also great loving options to add to your home, many people overlook the benefits of having a rabbit as their next family pet. Although many sources are floating around that proclaim owning a bunny to be much less of a commitment than a dog or a cat, we believe that the commitment to take on the responsibility of a pet bunny should be treated no differently than any other loving pet you decide to add to your family.

1. Quiet Companionship

Rabbits are often quiet pets. By making occasional natural sounds, bunnies can be sure not to have noise complaints from any neighbors, making them a perfect companion for city apartment living or for maintaining a quiet household in more rural areas.


2. Distinct Personalities

Bunnies are full of character. Just like dogs and cats, every bun has a unique personality. Some rabbits are full of energy, and some are more relaxed. It’s important to note that bunnies love to play. There are lots of fun toy options that bunnies adore. Some of these include unwanted cardboard boxes, balls, and chew toys. All these options can be utilized to keep their natural foraging behavior active by inserting treats or hay into these various toys to keep them occupied and happy.

3. Cleanliness and Trainability

Bunnies can be very clean pets. Another great thing to note about bunnies is their ability to be trained. Bunnies are brilliant animals and, with time and patience, can be trained to do all sorts of tricks to impress friends and family and, in turn, create a stronger bond between you and your bun. Another extremely favorable attribute to owning a pet bunny is their ability to become litter box trained. This helps keep your home clean and fresh and is very convenient for the time and overall health of your bunny. All these tips typically only take a few training sessions a day and over a short amount of time and some positive reinforcement.

4. Lifespan

Don’t let their size fool you. A bunny's life expectancy averages 5-8 years, but they can live as old as 10-12 years! Please consider this when committing to purchasing or adopting a bunny. You very well could be looking at a decade of commitment.

5. Variety of Breeds

There are many unique breeds of bunnies. Please consider strict research on what bunny breed you or your family would like to care for based on lots of different questions you can ask yourself, like size, temperament, and personality traits. These can vary outside of statistics from time to time but we recommend weighing out the options and picking the bunny to best fit you and your commitment to their well-being.

6. Dietary Needs

Hay is the most crucial aspect to remember when caring for your bunny's diet! It is the most important thing when it comes to keeping your bunny happy and healthy for years to come. Adult rabbits should be given unlimited hay. Hay is essential to your rabbit's well-being and is vital to their dental health. Timothy and orchard grass hay are the most popular choices for keeping your bun healthy. Its high fiber content and lower protein content keep adult rabbits in tip-top shape. These hays allow for your bun to instinctually use their natural foraging behaviors to wear their teeth down appropriately and maintain adequate gut health. Hay should make up 85% of an adult rabbit's diet. (Our Hay)

Pellets can also be utilized to keep your bunny healthy. Please be sure to only feed natural single-ingredient pellets to your bun (no fillers). Timothy pellets are the perfect addition for your adult bunny. However, pellets should only make up 5% of your bunnies diet. We recommend avoiding pellets that have multiple nuts, seeds or multi-colored mixes commonly found in pet stores through big corporation brands.

Adopting and Purchasing

Every day, all kinds of animals worldwide are left abandoned and surrendered. This is where you can come in! Maybe you thought the only way to get a bunny was by searching for a breeder near you or a local pet store to go home with a specific breed. Bell Feed Company strongly believes in the Adopt Don’t Shop movement. Bringing a loving pet into your home can also be accomplished by checking your area for a local humane society that can work on providing you with a loving rabbit that you can give a second chance at happiness. At Adopt A Pet, you can search areas nationwide to find the perfect companion without buying through a breeder or pet store!