Customer Appreciation

Questions and Answers

How do I edit/access my subscription?

Click on the account icon in the upper right-hand corner of our website. > Click
on the “Click Here” link below the words “Need help accessing your
subscriptions?” > Enter the e-mail address you used to set up your subscription. >
Click on “Send Link”.
A link to your Customer Portal will be e-mailed to you to access your subscription
details. You can pause your subscription, update your payment method, change
the amount of hay you receive, or the frequency of your subscription via the
Customer Access Portal.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! You can pause your subscription at any time via the Customer Access Portal.

How do rewards work?

Our rewards program allows you to earn “Bells”. You can earn 10 Bells for every
dollar you spend with us, and 100 Bells gives you $1 in rewards. The Bells can be
redeemed on one-time purchases or on subscription orders by reaching out to us
via e-mail or by chatting with us on our website. Access your rewards account to
redeem/review your rewards by clicking on the present icon in the lower left-hand
corner of our website and clicking on “Join Now” or “Sign-In” if you have
already created your rewards account.

What are we doing to safeguard against RHDV2?

At Bell Feed Company, the safety of your pets is our top priority. We actively
monitor updates from the Michigan Departments of Agriculture and Rural
Development, as well as the Michigan Department of Natural Resources,
regarding any RHDV2 cases. 
We're pleased to inform you that there have been no reported cases of RHDV2 in
the entire state of Michigan, including the county where our family-owned farm
grows and harvests our hay. Our close monitoring of this disease ensures we
remain vigilant in safeguarding our products.
Unlike many competitors, our hay is sourced directly from our farm, not
outsourced from others. This full oversight of how our hay is stored, handled, and
harvested from start to finish allows us to maintain the highest standards of
quality and safety, giving our customers utmost confidence in our products.

Is your hay dust-free?

We take great pride in offering top-quality, dust-free hay that’s perfect for your
little ones.

How do you justify the price of your hay?

Competing with major brands presents its challenges, but as a small business, we
provide high-quality, dust-free, and pesticide-free hay. We strive to offer the best
prices while ensuring our products never linger in warehouses or sit on shelves for
months. Every order is fresh, hand packed, and delivered directly to you from our
family farm. We deeply appreciate the support of our customer and are grateful
for the opportunity to supply the exceptional quality hay that your pets deserve
without relying on mass-produced supplies from larger corporations. We thank all
our customers for choosing quality and care with us!

How much hay should I feed my bunny?

The amount of hay your bunny should get depends on its size and age, but
generally, rabbits should have unlimited access to fresh hay. Hay should make up
about 80-90% of a rabbit’s diet.

How much hay should I feed my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs, like rabbits, should have unlimited access to fresh hay. Hay is crucial
for their digestive health and helps keep their teeth properly worn down.

How much hay should I feed my chinchilla?

Chinchillas, like rabbits, should have unlimited access to fresh hay. Hay is
essential for their digestive health and dental care.

Do you donate to any charities?

We are proud supporters and active donors of the Capital Area Humane Society,
dedicated to the well-being of bunnies in our local community. Every bunny and
guinea pig adopted from the humane society goes home with a complimentary
bag of our premium hay to help them get started in their new homes.