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Welcome to our "Made with Love" Collection

We're delighted to present our collection of products tailored for rabbits. At Bell Feed Co, we not only offer essential nutrition for your bunny through our family-grown and packaged rabbit hay, but we also provide adorable plush toys to bring joy to anyone's day. Whether you're in search of the finest hay for your rabbit or our handmade, lovingly crafted bunny plush, we've got you covered!

Essential Bunny Hay

Let's start with the most crucial item for any rabbit's diet: hay. Our homegrown blend of bunny hay features premium timothy hay for rabbits, renowned for its high fiber content and irresistible taste. Sourced from our family farm and carefully stored and sorted to preserve the freshest bunny hay for your beloved pet. Our timothy hay blended with orchard grass guarantees a well-balanced diet and an assortment of flavors, encouraging natural behaviors and supporting digestive health. This makes hay the most essential part of any rabbit's diet.

Handmade Bunny Plush

But we don't just stop at nutrition; we also understand the importance of companionship for your furry friends. That's why we offer a handmade, farm-to-home vibe with our adorable bunny plush toy. Each stuffed bunny is crafted with love, made with durable materials, and hand crocheted to withstand hours of cuddles. Whether our plush bunny is for you or a thoughtful gift for a family member or friend, you won't be disappointed!

Providing the Best Care for Your Rabbit

With our finest collection of products, you can confidently ensure your rabbits receive the best care and health they deserve. Whether you're stocking up on timothy hay for your rabbit or treating yourself to a new stuffed bunny companion, the Bell Feed Co team is here to help create a loving and healthy environment for your beloved rabbit to thrive. Shop our collection today and spoil your pet with the best hay for rabbits around!